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Welcome to our roundup of the latest Jojo Siwa Books! Get ready to dive into the world of everyone’s favorite bow-wearing superstar. We’ve curated a list of must-read books that bring Jojo’s magic straight to your doorstep. Whether you’re a fan of Jojo’s sweet personality or her incredible talent, you won’t want to miss out on these exciting new releases.

The Top 19 Best Jojo Siwa Books

  1. JoJo’s Sweet Life Guide: Finding Passion, Confidence, and Dreams — Discover the sweet, inspiring, and adventurous life of JoJo Siwa through her entertaining personal experiences in this New York Times bestselling paperback masterpiece for young readers!
  2. JoJo’s Sweet Adventure: A Graphic Novel — JoJo Siwa embarks on a candy-filled adventure in ‘The Great Candy Caper’, a delightful graphic novel that will have you craving a taste of the magical amusement park!
  3. Jojo Siwa Super Sweet Collection: Little Bee’s Official Book Series — The Jojo Siwa Super Sweet Collection, from the author Little Bee, brings colorful, fun-filled adventures in a must-read format for Young Adults.
  4. JoJo Siwa’s Mad Libs: Laugh-Out-Loud Fun with the Stars’ BFF — A hilarious and interactive Mad Libs adventure with JoJo Siwa, featuring 21 fill-in-the-blank stories and a fun pull-out poster for fans of all ages.
  5. Sparkle-Themed Sleepover Adventure: JoJo and BowBow’s Slumber Party — Dive into the glittery world of JoJo Siwa’s Slumber Party Sparkles, where Miley’s unforgettable birthday transformation makes this an unputdownable adventure for young readers!
  6. Jojo Siwa: Out of This World! Look and Find Adventure with 30 Stickers — Dive into JoJo Siwa’s enchanting world in this vibrant ‘Out of This World!’ Look and Find book, filled with exciting girl-power messages, stickers, and plenty of bows!
  7. JoJo Siwa’s Razzle-Dazzle Babysitters: Adventure and Fashion — JoJo Siwa’s Razzle-Dazzle Babysitters: Book 7 in the JoJo and BowBow series is filled with hilarious babysitting adventures, fashion-forward girls, and life lessons for kids!
  8. Juvenile Nonfiction: The Rise of JoJo Siwa — Discover the sparkling world of JoJo Siwa in this captivating book, where you’ll learn about her journey from a young entertainer to a viral sensation, all while enjoying fun facts and engaging photos.
  9. JoJo Siwa’s Exciting Adventures in the Show Show Book — Join JoJo Siwa and BowBow on their wild adventures with this fun-filled, 48-page book, where they share their crazy stories and important life lessons, accompanied by a stylish necklace and BowBow charm for fans to cherish forever.
  10. Jojo Siwa’s Festive Holiday Adventure: Jingle Bows and Mistletoe — Jingle Bows and Mistletoe brings holiday joy with JoJo and BowBow as they embark on a magical adventure filled with ice skating, hot cocoa, and international holiday traditions.
  11. JoJo Siwa: Go Big & Bow Big — A Stylish Guide for Kids — Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa: Go Big & Bow Big” is a must-read book for JoJo Siwa fans, offering exciting style tips and DIY bow tutorials, perfect for creating the ultimate JoJo makeover with hours of nonstop fun!
  12. Dream Crazy Big: The JoJo Siwa Story — JoJo Siwa’s Rise to Stardom [Paperback] — Discover the thrilling journey of 16-year-old star JoJo Siwa in “Dream Crazy Big: The JoJo Siwa Story” — perfect for fans seeking inspiration and entertainment.
  13. JoJo Siwa’s Boxed Set: Adventures and Fun for Young Readers — With the Jojo and Bowbow Box Set, young readers can join Jojo Siwa and her furry friends on their thrilling adventures, with laughter, friendships, and glamour at every turn.
  14. JoJo Siwa: Fan Favorite Biography Book for Kids — Unleash the power of positivity and learn about the journey of a child star in JoJo Siwa: Fan Favorite, a hardcover book that showcases the rise of a true pop icon and her impact on a generation of kids.
  15. Queen Bs and Honeybees: A Heartwarming JoJo Siwa Adventure — Join JoJo Siwa and her furry best friend, BowBow, as they navigate friendship, teamwork, and fun-filled adventures in the fifth installment of the popular chapter book series, Queen Bs and Honeybees!
  16. JoJo & BowBow: The Block Party Adventure [Book] — JoJo and BowBow Take the Stage” is a heartwarming tale of friendship, perseverance, and kindness, starring the beloved Nickelodeon star, JoJo Siwa, and her faithful pup, BowBow.
  17. The Spooktacular Jojo and Bowbow Adventure — JoJo Siwa’s “Ghostess with the Mostest” (Jojo and Bowbow Super Special) unveils a spooky-sweet Halloween adventure filled with pumpkin fun, glitter-tastic costumes, and a surprising ghostly guest.
  18. JoJo Siwa’s BowBow Book: A Peek into the Life of a Pooch Celebrity — Discover the adorable daily lives of JoJo Siwa and her iconic pooch, BowBow, in this full-color photographic gift book, perfect for fans of the YouTube sensation and Instagram-famous pups alike.
  19. JoJo Siwa’s Creative Friendship Journal: Things I Love [Hardback] — Celebrate your love for all things JoJo Siwa with her creative, hardback-bound journal “Things I Love,” featuring dance, family, and a whole lot of sparkle.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


JoJo’s Sweet Life Guide: Finding Passion, Confidence, and Dreams


I recently dived into JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life and found myself captivated by the young dance star’s journey. This book perfectly encapsulates JoJo Siwa’s spirit, leaving me with a heartwarming, inspiring message that I can’t help but share. The pages are filled with JoJo’s stories, her rise to fame, and her relentless work ethic that drove her to become a household name.

What really stood out for me were the valuable life lessons she shares, such as finding your passion, standing strong in the face of adversity, embracing your uniqueness, and staying true to your values. These themes are woven throughout the book, providing readers, especially young girls, with an empowering role model to look up to.

While the book may not be suitable as a gift due to some minor defects mentioned in the reviews, the overall experience of reading it was a positive one. It’s the perfect gift for any JoJo Siwa fan, and even those who aren’t as familiar with her will find inspiration in her story. With each turn of the page, I felt a new burst of enthusiasm and determination. So, if you’re looking for a book that will make a difference in your life, look no further — JoJo Siwa’s Guide to the Sweet Life is a must-read.

JoJo’s Sweet Adventure: A Graphic Novel


Embark on an enthralling journey through JoJo’s sweet world in The Great Candy Caper! . As an avid fan and reader, I found myself completely captivated by JoJo and Kyra’s quest to find Grace among the gumballs. Despite the paperback binding occasionally showing a bit of wear, the vivid illustrations and captivating storyline made the slight imperfections worth it.

This graphic novel is perfect for both JoJo Siwa enthusiasts and children’s literature lovers, offering a delightful blend of general fiction and whimsical adventures.

Jojo Siwa Super Sweet Collection: Little Bee’s Official Book Series


This little bundle of joy, Jojo Siwa Super Sweet Collection by Little Bee, has been a staple in my daily life since it arrived. The pages are filled with Jojo’s vibrant energy, and every time I flip through, I can’t help but feel a burst of positivity.

One thing that stood out for me is the range of activities and games included in the book. It’s not just a bedtime story; it’s a whole world of fun! My favorite part is the glitter-filled maze, which adds an extra element of excitement whenever I embark on the journey.

However, I have to admit that the book is not as durable as one would expect. Despite being a fan, I’ve noticed some pages becoming detached over time. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s worth mentioning.

Overall, the Jojo Siwa Super Sweet Collection by Little Bee is a delightful addition to any young JoJo fan’s library. It brings hours of entertainment and a whole lot of sparkle, even on the dullest of days.

JoJo Siwa’s Mad Libs: Laugh-Out-Loud Fun with the Stars’ BFF


JoJo Siwa fans, rejoice! This Mad Libs book is a must-have addition to your collection. The vibrant paperback cover is adorned with the iconic Siwa vibes and a charming pull-out poster guaranteed to bring joy to every young reader. With 21 hilarious, fill-in-the-blank stories about everyone’s favorite star, I was captivated by the pure creativity and wit behind these pages.

The Mad Libs series truly shines in this collaboration with JoJo Siwa, offering an original and engaging experience to fans of all ages. The only downside I experienced was the occasional repetition of adjectives used to describe JoJo’s signature hair bow, which made the stories feel a bit predictable.

While the occasional repetition did take away from the novelty, I appreciate the authenticity and fun spirit that JoJo Siwa Mad Libs brings to my daily life as a child. My children love the book and have already revisited their favorite stories multiple times, just like a Boomerang. Overall, this Mad Libs book is definitely worth the purchase — don’t miss out on the laughter and excitement it brings into your home!

Sparkle-Themed Sleepover Adventure: JoJo and BowBow’s Slumber Party


I recently got to experience the fourth chapter book in the JoJo and BowBow series by none other than JoJo Siwa, titled Slumber Party Sparkles. Miley’s birthday was approaching, and she was excited for her sparkle-themed party at an indoor ice-skating rink. Unfortunately, her excitement was cut short when she broke her ankle just a week before the party.

Don’t worry, though! . JoJo and her friends were determined to make this birthday special — they planned a sparkly slumber party for Miley! .

This book is filled with all things sparkle, from glittery decorations to a movie marathon and tons of popcorn. If you’re looking for a fun, heartwarming read for kids, Slumber Party Sparkles is definitely a must-have.

Jojo Siwa: Out of This World! Look and Find Adventure with 30 Stickers


As a book lover and parent, I was thrilled when I discovered Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa: Out of This World! , a charming addition to my daughter’s collection. The vibrant colors and JoJo Siwa’s signature bows instantly captured her attention, and the glittery edges truly embellished the pages.

What I loved most about this book are the interactive features it offers. The Look and Find play was a fun way to engage with the book, and it encouraged my daughter to focus and discover hidden items. The matching and comparing exercises not only kept her entertained but also helped her develop her math skills, and I appreciated that.

Furthermore, the words and pictures in this book were connected in a way that built my daughter’s vocabulary. As she navigated through JoJo’s world, she learned new words and concepts, which was both enlightening and enjoyable for her.

Another delightful feature of this book were the 30 included stickers. These stickers not only added an extra level of fun to the book but also served as a reward for completing the Look and Find challenges. My daughter couldn’t resist putting them on everything she could find!

Although this book is aimed at a slightly younger audience, my 7-year-old daughter still enjoyed reading it, and we could bond over the shared experience of finding hidden items together.

In conclusion, Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa: Out of This World! is an excellent book that provides electronic-free entertainment for children while also encouraging their focus, math skills, and vocabulary development. With its sparkly charm and engaging content, it’s well worth the investment for any family with young book lovers.

JoJo Siwa’s Razzle-Dazzle Babysitters: Adventure and Fashion


When I first picked up Razzle-Dazzle Babysitters, the seventh book in the JoJo and BowBow series, I didn’t know what to expect. But as soon as JoJo Siwa’s playful, energetic style came through on the pages, I was hooked.

What stood out to me was the engaging narrative where JoJo and Kyra find themselves tasked with babysitting Goldie Chic’s daughter Lacey. It was fun to see how JoJo and Kyra navigate the challenges of babysitting and the exciting world of fashion design.

However, not everything went smoothly. There were some unexpected twists and turns, and it was interesting to see how JoJo handled the situation. It was a refreshing take on the usual babysitting adventures, making it even more enjoyable to read.

Overall, Razzle-Dazzle Babysitters is a delightful addition to the JoJo and BowBow series. It’s filled with laughter, lessons, and a whole lot of razzle-dazzle. Whether you’re a fan of JoJo Siwa or just looking for a fun read, this book won’t disappoint.

Juvenile Nonfiction: The Rise of JoJo Siwa


I recently stumbled upon Jojo Siwa’s [book] and was immediately drawn in by its vibrant cover. As I flipped through the pages, I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting a sneak peek into the life of this young, talented, and ambitious performer.

One of the things that stood out to me was the way the book was structured. It was easy to navigate with a table of contents, fun facts, informative sidebars, a timeline, and an index. Each chapter was packed with engaging content and dynamic photos that provided an authentic behind-the-scenes look at Jojo’s life.

As a fan of Jojo Siwa, I appreciated the in-depth look into her journey as a performer and YouTuber, starting from her early days to her current success. However, I must admit that some sections were quite repetitive, and I found myself skimming through certain parts to get to the next exciting chapter.

Overall, I think this [book] is a must-read for any Jojo Siwa fan or anyone interested in learning more about the world of performing arts and social media. It provides a unique perspective on the life of a modern-day influencer and serves as a fun and engaging read for its intended audience of 9–12 year olds.

JoJo Siwa’s Exciting Adventures in the Show Show Book


As an avid fan of JoJo Siwa, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the JoJo & BowBow Show Show book. This wonderful journey begins right in your living room, where JoJo and BowBow frolic in their own world of fun. From their whacky adventures to the important life lessons they share, this book is a delightful treat for readers of all ages.

The book’s highlight is, no doubt, the vibrant illustrations that mirror the animated show’s essence. I love how the illustrations effortlessly capture JoJo’s and BowBow’s energetic and playful personalities. As I turned the pages, I couldn’t help but share my enthusiasm with my young daughter, who would be giggling and asking for more.

The necklace with a BowBow charm, which comes along with the book, is a lovely surprise. She found it incredibly exciting and couldn’t wait to show it off to her friends. However, be mindful that the charm might be a choking hazard to younger kids, so ensure you supervise them while wearing or handling the necklace.

Overall, the JoJo & BowBow Show Show book is a fantastic read that kids and parents alike will surely enjoy. Its playful tone and engaging illustrations make it a perfect addition to every child’s bookshelf. And don’t forget that sweet necklace!

Jojo Siwa’s Festive Holiday Adventure: Jingle Bows and Mistletoe


Jingle Bows and Mistletoe” by JoJo and BowBow brings the holiday spirit to life with a super special chapter book adventure. Following Nickelodeon star JoJo Siwa’s love for lollipops and gingerbread men, this book takes you on a journey where JoJo, Miley, and Michelle embark on an ice-skating extravaganza at Tinseltown Resort and Rink for Michelle’s performance in “The Snow Queen on Ice. “ With hot cocoa, ski lessons, and sparkly bows, the trio discovers the joy of holidays around the world.

So, dress up in your festive attire and get ready to join the fun! .

JoJo Siwa: Go Big & Bow Big — A Stylish Guide for Kids


As a fan of JoJo Siwa, I was excited to try out the “Go Big & Bow Big” book. This hardback book, published in 2020, offers a fun, engaging experience for readers of all ages. With 20 pages filled with style tips, bow-making instructions, and JoJo-inspired content, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the world of JoJo Siwa.

One of the standout features of the book is its hands-on approach to bow-making. From the various techniques to the range of materials available, the book ensures that creating your own JoJo bows is both accessible and enjoyable. However, I found the content to be geared more towards younger readers, which may make it less appealing to older fans looking for a deeper dive into JoJo’s world.

Overall, “Go Big & Bow Big” is a fun addition to a JoJo Siwa fan’s collection, offering an engaging and creative experience for readers of all ages. While it may not be the most comprehensive guide to JoJo Siwa, its hands-on approach and visually appealing content make it a worthwhile purchase.

Dream Crazy Big: The JoJo Siwa Story — JoJo Siwa’s Rise to Stardom [Paperback]


As a fan of JoJo Siwa, I always look forward to hearing the story behind her rise to fame. Recently, I had the chance to read “Dream Crazy Big: The Jojo Siwa Story. “ This paperback, published in February 2020, truly captures the essence of the young and incredible JoJo Siwa.

One of the highlights of “Dream Crazy Big” is how candidly JoJo shares her journey, from her early days on dance competitions like Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms, to her hilarious YouTube videos, and, of course, her chart-topping songs, like “Boomerang” and “#1U. “ Seeing her journey unfold, page by page, gives an unparalleled insight into the life of this extraordinary teen.

On the other hand, one downside of this book is that it does not dive deep into the challenges JoJo faced while making her way in the industry, and might not be entirely relevant for casual fans who wish to know more of her outside her professional life. However, its inspirational nature and the beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book make it a perfect companion and a must-read for all Siwanatorz out there.

JoJo Siwa’s Boxed Set: Adventures and Fun for Young Readers


Oh, don’t you remember JoJo and BowBow? . They’ve been with us through countless adventures, from taking the stage to glorious glitter.

I still have my original books, but when I saw this lovely boxset with their eight tales together, I couldn’t resist. The paperback binding felt smooth and sturdy in my hands — a satisfying addition to my bookshelf. Of course, the real stars are the stories themselves: each book full of glitz and giggles, perfect for bedtime or a rainy day.

You can sense the author’s enthusiasm on every page, and those sweet little pup faces just pop out at you. However, be aware that unlike their originals, these books may be slightly smaller in size.

But honestly, it’s a small price to pay for such a delightful collection.

JoJo Siwa: Fan Favorite Biography Book for Kids


As a bookworm, I found JoJo Siwa’s fan favorite [book] to be both entertaining and inspiring. Being just 32 pages long, it’s perfect for quick reads on the go, yet the compact nature doesn’t feel like it hinders the story. With its juvenile nonfiction genre, it’s the kind of book that can be shared with kids aged 9–12 years, offering a unique perspective on performing arts and fame.

The hardcover format adds a luxury feel, while the biography & autobiography sub-genre provides insight into JoJo’s life. The book’s theme of Performing Arts resonated with me, as it highlights the passion and dedication needed to succeed in the industry. The language is simple, making it accessible for its target audience, and the English translation ensures that everyone can enjoy Siwa’s story.

Overall, I’d highly recommend JoJo Siwa’s fan favorite book to anyone who’s a fan of her brand and her uplifting messages about positivity and personal growth. While some may wish for more in-depth information, the book serves its purpose in offering a glimpse into JoJo’s life and the journey that led her to where she is today.

Queen Bs and Honeybees: A Heartwarming JoJo Siwa Adventure


Queen Bs and Honeybees is the delightful fifth installment in the JoJo and BowBow chapter book series, starring the ever-popular Nickelodeon personality, JoJo Siwa. As we dive into the story, young readers join Miley on her journey to the Art Stars’ inaugural event, a lakeside campout filled with thrilling outdoor activities and heartwarming friendships. JoJo tags along for the adventure, and together they find themselves face-to-face with the Queen Bs, a group of not-so-friendly girls from JoJo’s dance workshop.

Throughout this engaging tale, the Queen Bs continue to create havoc as the girls compete in various challenges, from tug-of-war to creepy-crawly encounters. However, when the meanest of the mean girls, Belle, goes missing, the girls must put aside their differences and work together to solve the mystery and save the day.

Overall, Queen Bs and Honeybees is a fun and captivating read that showcases the importance of teamwork, trust, and overcoming obstacles. With JoJo’s infectious energy and Miley’s determination, this book is sure to leave readers cheering for their favorite characters and eagerly awaiting the next adventure in this delightful series.

JoJo & BowBow: The Block Party Adventure [Book]


I recently came across “Take the Stage” by JoJo and BowBow, a charming new addition to the series that features JoJo Siwa, the talented and energetic Nickelodeon star, and her lovable dog BowBow. In this story, JoJo organizes a block party as a highlight of the summer season, with dancing, face painting, and mouth-watering delicacies on the menu.

As JoJo and her crew prepare for the big event, they stumble upon Grace, a new girl in town with an impressive talent for singing. However, their joy is soon overshadowed by Kyra, the mean girl with a vendetta against Grace. When Kyra’s actions threaten to sabotage the block party and JoJo’s plans, she musters her group of friends, the “Siwanatorz, “ to step in and save the day. The story beautifully emphasizes the message of friendship, teamwork, and kindness.

The book’s vibrant illustrations and engaging narrative make it a delightful read for JoJo Siwa fans and an excellent choice for young readers looking to develop their reading skills. Overall, “Take the Stage” is a fun, heartwarming addition to the series that is sure to delight both JoJo enthusiasts and newcomers alike. High-quality paperback construction and a reasonable number of pages contribute to an enjoyable reading experience.

The Spooktacular Jojo and Bowbow Adventure


As a fan of the JoJo and BowBow series, I was thrilled to get my hands on their latest hardback adventure, “Ghostess with the Mostest. “ The book, published by Harry N. Abrams, has a whopping 160 pages packed with fall fun, friendship, and of course, a dash of magic.

In this exciting installment, JoJo and her friends are gearing up for Halloween, which means a whole lot of glitter and a costume contest that’s sure to impress. To get inspired, they embark on various pumpkin-themed activities, such as apple picking, hayrides, and even taste tests with all sorts of goodies.

The big night finally arrives, and JoJo and the gang are all dolled up and ready to wow the crowd. But who is the mysterious party guest in the ghost costume, and what secrets do they hold? This heartwarming tale full of joy, laughter, and a little bit of spookiness is the perfect addition to my JoJo Siwa collection.

JoJo Siwa’s BowBow Book: A Peek into the Life of a Pooch Celebrity


Imagine being able to spend a day in the life of the world’s cutest canine, BowBow Siwa, with her owner, YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa. This book, JoJo Loves BowBow, becomes a magical diary that showcases never-before-seen photos of the duo. With a dazzling array of colors and sparkles, this book captivates the hearts of young readers.

It’s not just a book, it’s a celebration of their love for bows, joy, and everything adorable. It certainly lives up to its name, as a perfect gift for both JoJo Siwa fans and Instagram-famous pups enthusiasts alike.

JoJo Siwa’s Creative Friendship Journal: Things I Love [Hardback]


As a devoted JoJo Siwa fan, one day I stumbled upon the “Things I Love” fill-in friendship book at my local bookstore. I’ve always been a fan of her vibrant personality, and with all the colorful prompts and quizzies that JoJo loves, I knew it was the perfect companion for my own journaling adventure.

Opening up the hardcover book, the first thing I noticed was the stunning illustrations. It’s not every day you get to find something so whimsical and fun that even the binding of the book has glittery sparkles! It was love at first sight.

The book itself is filled with prompts and quizzies that showcase JoJo’s favorite things, such as dogs, candy, and everything pink. It’s amazing how she manages to touch on so many emotions in her book, all while making it feel like a joyful adventure.

But to be honest, the book did come with a little bit of challenge for me. Some of the prompts required me to step outside my comfort zone and think about things I might not usually write about, which was a little nerve-wracking. However, it was also a fun way to explore my own likes and dislikes, and ultimately, it made me appreciate the book even more.

In conclusion, I’d definitely recommend the “Things I Love” fill-in friendship book to anyone in need of a little sparkle and joy in their life. It’s a fantastic way for fans to connect with JoJo Siwa and discover hidden depths within themselves. Just don’t forget to bring your glitter pen!

Buyer’s Guide

Jojo Siwa, the popular entertainer, and dancer have captured the hearts of many young readers with her collection of books. These books cover a variety of topics, including fun stories, friendships, and life lessons. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the important features and considerations to help you find the perfect Jojo Siwa book for your child or yourself.

1. Age Suitability

While Jojo Siwa books are suitable for a wide range of ages, it is essential to consider the age appropriateness for the intended reader. Some books may contain themes or content more suitable for older children, while others may be more appropriate for younger readers. Look for the recommended age range on the book’s cover or product description to ensure the book matches the intended recipient.


2. Book Format

Jojo Siwa books are available in various formats, including picture books, chapter books, and early reader books. Consider the reading level and interests of the intended reader when choosing the format. Picture books are great for young children learning to read, while chapter books and early reader books may be more suitable for older and more advanced readers.

3. Content and Themes

Jojo Siwa books cover a range of topics, from fun stories and adventures to life lessons and friendship. Consider the interests and values you want to instill in the reader when selecting a book. For example, some books focus on positive messages, such as self-confidence, teamwork, or perseverance. Others may explore friendship, family, or growing up.

4. Illustrations and Artwork

Jojo Siwa books often feature eye-catching illustrations and artwork. Look for books that are visually appealing and engaging to the intended reader. Some books may feature vibrant colors, while others may have a more subtle art style.


5. Reader Engagement

Consider the level of reader engagement the book offers. Some books include interactive elements, such as fun facts or quizzes, making them more engaging for the reader. Look for books that will capture the reader’s attention and spark their interest.

6. Author’s Reputation

While not all Jojo Siwa books are written by the same author or with her direct involvement, it can be helpful to consider the author’s reputation. Look for books written by authors known for producing high-quality, entertaining, or educational content, which will make the book a worthwhile investment for the reader.

7. Reviews and Recommendations

Consider seeking out reviews and recommendations from other readers, parents, or experts in the field. This can be a helpful way to gauge the book’s quality and determine if it is the right fit for your intended reader.


8. Budget and Affordability

Jojo Siwa books come in various price ranges. Consider your budget when making a purchase, without sacrificing the quality or enjoyment of the book.

By considering these important features and factors when shopping for Jojo Siwa books, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect book to share with your child or for your personal enjoyment.


What are the Jojo Siwa books all about?

Jojo Siwa’s books are a collection of stories inspired by her life, her experiences, and her love for everything sparkly and fun. They feature Jojo as the main character, who embarks on exciting adventures with her friends, solves problems, and learns valuable lessons along the way.


Who is Jojo Siwa?

JoJo Siwa is a popular American dancer, singer, and actress. She gained fame after appearing on the reality show “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and has since become a household name with her signature bows and colorful outfits.

What age range are Jojo Siwa books suitable for?

Jojo Siwa books are aimed at children aged 5–9 years old, but can be enjoyed by younger and older readers as well. They are beginner-level chapter books with simple language, making them great for early readers or as read-aloud books for families.

How many Jojo Siwa books are available?

As of now, there are nine Jojo Siwa books in the series, with more being released in the future. Here’s a list of the current titles:

  • JoJo’s Incredible Party
  • JoJo’s Bows-tacular Surprise
  • JoJo and the Giant Cupcake
  • JoJo’s Best Birthday Party Ever
  • JoJo’s Sparkliest Celebration
  • JoJo’s Sweetest Sleepover
  • JoJo’s Fancy Party
  • JoJo’s Birthday Blowout
  • JoJo’s Favorite Tales

What themes do the Jojo Siwa books explore?

The Jojo Siwa books cover themes such as friendship, teamwork, problem-solving, and the importance of being yourself. They also focus on the love of dancing, creativity, and having fun with friends.

What format are the Jojo Siwa books available in?

The Jojo Siwa books are available in both hardcover and paperback formats, as well as e-books for digital readers.

Can I find Jojo Siwa books in my local bookstore?

Yes, Jojo Siwa books are often available at local bookstores, but you can also find them at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble. You can also purchase them online through various bookstores and e-commerce platforms like Amazon.